ECommerce Website Design - Luxedream Event Hire - Wedding

Luxedream Event Hire provide props, decoration and event furniture rental to events, weddings and parties. It also has a floral studio for events along with all-round event styling.

Luxedream Event Hire needed a website that was able to showcase their products and designs in a competitive market. The website needed to be fashionable and attractive to party goers. We partnered together and created a website where party goers and event managers could sign up and find everything they’ll want for their special occasion.
Post Launch Support


Spiritx was able to provide Luxedream Event Hire with a robust digital presence along with a streamlined digital platform. From generating leads, to processing each transaction in our bespoke eCommerce platform; not to mention the great SEO performance. We created a digital experience for Luxedream Event Hire that will serve it for many years to come.

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