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Redefine your future, reimagine what's possible
We develop sophisticated custom applications to lift your business off the ground!
We love seeing companies transform with our bespoke solutions. Our applications are custom designed to fit with your business structure and ecosystem.
Whether you need an app built from scratch or modernise existing system, we’ve got you covered.

Stay ahead of the competition.

A good software can revolutionise existing workflows, collect and analyse valuable customer information and provide far better customer or staff engagement.
The takeaway? It will improve efficiency which reduce cost, assist in identifying customer trends which improve sales and delivery far better customer service through branding and a perfected process.

Streamline workflows.

Your business is unique, and we take proud in design and develop a system tailored to suit your business. Our advantage of complete business – tech integration offers greater automation and work efficiency, helping businesses save enormous amount of time and money.

We partner with you to create something just for you. Something you own.

Common problems from our clients.

Chaotic management, unclear responsibilities, poor communication efficiency, information often missing.

Ineffective stock management, blind or repeated purchases with unnecessary costs or poor operating efficiency with delayed delivery dates.

Numerous but small orders, rigorous and repetitive processes with high communication costs.

Difficulty in delivery time estimation, poor time management with missed delivery times that will impact not only profit but also reputation.

Unstandardised names, of materials, products and services, records often vague and scribbled with difficulty to track.

Existing software unfit, information are isolated with many repetitive operations, software does not match with business requirements.

Loopholes in business management such as sale person change price of product & service at will.

Difficulty in cost management with various expenses, wages, interest rates and operating costs making estimation difficult.

Want to start using software, but does not know which one is best and scared of being trapped using bad software.

Jadcup ERP System

Jadcup - Manufacturer
Flyway Inventory Management System

Flyway Express - Logistics
NZ Cherry Corp Purchasing Order System

New Zealand Cherry Corp - Cross-border e-commerce
AMA School Management System

AMA School Management System - Custom software development
Site Connect

Site Connect - Software & App development
Jadcup Customer Order Management System

Jadcup Customer Management -CRM
Fling Golf

Fling Golf - Entertainment Mobile App Development
Gradspace Online Learning System

Gradspace Online Learning System - Learning System
GDL Mortgages File management System

GDL Mortgages File management System - Custom Web Development

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