Website development

We build world class websites with every detail to their highest quality.

We make websites that your customers will love.

Design with purpose.

Spiritx works to create custom websites that embody design, technology, content and marketing. We are obsessed with helping organisations achieve business goals on the web.

Website success.

Many businesses need help in translating how they can be successful on the web.
We understand your customer’s journey and their behaviour, we can help you design your site that will boost customer engagement and drive sales.

Responsive websites

More than 50% of web traffic is from mobile users. All of our websites and platforms are designed to cater for mobile, tablets and computers at the same time.

Interactive websites

Spritix makes websites that engages and interacts with your customers to create a memorable and unique experience.

Content management systems

Ease of use, user friendliness. Spiritx’ custom CMS allows you to easily change your web content without the need of any coding experience or even reading a manual.

Fast loading

The average user closes the site in 3 seconds if it is not loaded. Our optimised code and server will ensure your site opens in a second.


We install a SSL certificate for security with every website we build.

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