Why Spiritx.

Our story

For far too long, beautiful websites or custom solutions will set a business back tens or hundreds of thousands.

Today the rules and changing. Customised IT solutions are in reach of everyone – not just the mega corps. A new era of digital transformation is here, and it’s the key to breaking down the final digital barrier, and advance your business.

Partner with us

Specialised teams

Small, personalised teams will work in collaboration with you, helping you to find the right solution for your problems or new opportunities for your business.

Working together

We aim to foster a enjoyable working relationship, one with more transparency and integration that enables us to maximise our value to your business.

Your business partner

We see ourselves as your business partner, one that will understand the needs and problems you’re facing to deliver maximum value.

Flexible pricing and payment

Get world class websites and solutions without going into debt. We offer flexible or subscription payment schemes on many of our services. So you can get your site before you pay.

Our process


Get in touch

Talk to our friendly team about your requirements, we will work at your convenience



We work with you to understand your needs, challenges and problems


Choose a plan

Choose from our many options for your requirement, with different apporaches and plans



We will find the best and most user friendliest designs for your requirements



Our developers will turn ideas into a real product. We'll verify with you and your users to find the perfect solution



We'll make sure all requirements are meet and deliver your app or site on schedule with continued support after deployment



Continued support throughout the lifecycle

Let's talk about your project

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